Harmonic patterns are geometric and price-specific structures that are measured by Fibonacci calculations. The application of harmonic patterns, which include distinct and continuous combinations of different Fibonacci ratios, is summarized in finding the length of price movements and reversals.

shark pattern

Shark pattern and trading strategy

Another widely used harmonic pattern is the shark pattern. As you know, harmonic patterns in technical analysis are invented from a combination of Fibonacci numbers and geometric shapes. As a result


Gartley harmonic pattern and how to trade based on it

gartley model has many fans among technicians. Because this template provides very accurate conditions for assessing the validity of the template,

bat pattern

Bat Pattern and its trading strategy

The bat pattern is one of the types of harmonic patterns in technical analysis that provides very good conditions for entering into a profitable transaction. This pattern can appear on the price chart in both ascending and descending bats.

Crab harmonic pattern

Harmonic pattern of crab and deep crab

Harmonic trading is a type of technical analysis that is widely used in the Forex, futures and stock markets. Harmonic trades use certain price patterns that are created based on certain Fibonacci ratios.

ab = cd pattern

How to trade based on AB = CD pattern?

The ABCD pattern is one of the harmonic patterns used by technical analysts to predict prices. Some traders refer to the ABCD pattern as the AB = CD pattern.


Butterfly Pattern and deal with it

Harmonic patterns can be classified as both internal and external patterns. Internal patterns include patterns such as the Gartley pattern and the bat pattern


Fibonacci ratios

Fibonacci numbers are also mentioned in any discussion of harmonic patterns, as this pattern uses Fibonacci ratios. The Fibonacci number series was first introduced by Leonardo Fibonacci, the great Italian and European mathematician of the thirteenth century. On his return from a trip to Egypt, he introduced this series...