Bitcoin is the most famous and oldest digital currency that has always been in the spotlight. It has been more than 10 years since the creation of this digital currency by Satoshi Nakamoto and since then it has not lost its first place among digital currencies.


Why did Cryptocurrencies come into being and why do we need them?

Jonas Bostoen is a tech blogger. In a recent article, he reviewed the historical process of money until its digitalization and explained in simple language why we need decentralized cryptocurrencies. You can read this article below.I was recently asked why I buy bitcoin and why I think it is...

White paper

What is White paper and how to read it?

White paper, in fact, refers to a comprehensive report of the performance of a plan or project and the problem it solves. The use of white paper is not limited to the world of Cryptocurrencies; But today, the term is also widely used in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies space...


Free Bitcoin ; A variety of ways to earn bitcoin without capital

How to get Bitcoin without paying? Is Bitcoin Free Truth or Fiction? Is there really a place where Bitcoin can be given away for free? After reading this article, you will get the answers to all these questions and get acquainted with the websites where you can earn Bitcoin. Reality...


What does bitcoin mining mean? What is the bitcoin mining process like?

Bitcoin Mining, or Bitcoin Mining, is a voluntary activity in which volunteers, known as "miners", give the network the processing power of their mining devices.