Altcoins – Light Coin, known as “Digital Silver”, is the oldest digital currency after Bitcoin, which still retains its popularity and as one of the top 10 digital currencies


What is Cryptocurrency DASH? Shopping guide and its current price

Introducing Cryptocurrency dash Well, welcome to the Dash Encrypted Currency Guide. Today we will answer a wide range of questions about this cryptocurrency, which is actually ranked 15th among Cryptocurrencies!The cryptocurrency was launched in 2014 and has a total sales of $ 920 million. We are sure you will be...

White paper

What is White paper and how to read it?

White paper, in fact, refers to a comprehensive report of the performance of a plan or project and the problem it solves. The use of white paper is not limited to the world of Cryptocurrencies; But today, the term is also widely used in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies space...


What is Livepeer? How to buy and wallets

Grayscale, which previously launched the Bitcoin Fund, announced in March 2021 that it was creating a new fund with other digital currencies. Most of the cryptocurrencies that were selected for this newly established fund were from well-known currencies such as China Link and File Coin, and their choice was...

privacy currencies

Introduction to privacy currencies, privacy-based cryptocurrencies

With a Privacy Coin or Cryptocurrency you can do completely anonymous transactions; This is not possible with Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies. In this article, we will first explain the privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies and then introduce you to the 4 Privacy Coins on the market. What is a Privacy Coin? Contrary to...


How is the value of the Ethereum determined?

Ethereum value : As an investment in Blockchain projects, how do we know we made a good deal? How do we understand the value of a platform and how do we compare it to other platforms? In a blog post, Sir John Hargrave, a prominent Blockchain investor and author...

Why did the price of Ethereum fall right after the big Atrium 2.0 update?

price of Ethereum fall : Despite the long-awaited successful launch of the core Ethereum 2.0 network, the price of Ether has plummeted as bitcoin prices have plummeted. According to the Coin Telegraph, the price of ether, the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network, fell more than the price of bitcoin...