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Five cryptocurrencies that traders should monitor this week

The price of Bitcoin closed its monthly candle with a decrease of 1.98% compared to the previous month. Bybit data show that this is the first negative monthly candle closure in April since 2015.Ethereum, meanwhile, rose 44 percent during the same period, reaching a new all-time high of $...

Ethereum price chart

Ethereum superiority over Bitcoin in recent weeks; Analysts are hoping for a leap

Ethereum superiority over Bitcoin ; As Ethereum rises in price against Bitcoin, analysts believe there is a possibility of an imminent jump. On the other hand, they predict that as the price of the Ethereum / Bitcoin currency pair rises, so will other altcoins.According to the Coin Telegraph, the...


Ethereum price analysis; Trying to defend support

Ethereum price analysis ; Ethereum is currently 14.5 percent away from its all-time high of $ 2,517 last week. Ethereum has been seeking support in the past few days, and its response to these areas in the coming days will have a significant impact on its trend. Ethereum was looking...


The price of Ethereum reached its highest level in history

The price of Ethereum, the second largest digital asset in terms of market value, broke its previous historical record and went up to $ 2,150. Ethereum previously had a record high of $ 2,041 on February 19. At the time of writing, each unit of this cryptocurrency is trading...


Ethereum price analysis; More ether power than bitcoin

Ethereum price analysis : Yesterday, the price of Ethereum decreased by 5.2%. Following the crash, Ethereum fell to its previous resistance of $ 1,775. However, analysts describe Ethereum's position as strong against Bitcoin. According to Crypto Potato, Ethereum spent Saturdays and Sundays with good performance. This performance was such that...


Binance CEO: Ethereum is for the rich, but they will soon be poor!

Binance: Ethereum Changieng Zhao, CEO of Binance Exchange, referring to Ethereum's high fees, said that Ethereum has become a blockchain for the wealthy and he no longer uses it.