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Bitcoin price analysis

Bitcoin price analysis by examining the status of the network; Has the power of bears decreased?

As signs of the Bitcoin market rise, data from intra-chain indicators suggest that current massive sales are coming to an end; Reducing sales pressure in the market usually means reducing the power of sellers. According to the cointelegraph, bitcoin has entered a stabilization phase after falling from $ 42,600 to...


The third version of Uni Swap was launched; What does this mean?

The third version of Uniswap (Uniswap V3) was launched a few hours ago. Performance optimization, more control over fees, and more options for access to liquidity pools are some of the changes that have been made to this version.While new products and capabilities are being unveiled every week in...

Bank of England

The Bank of England has started hiring specialists to develop the national cryptocurrency

The Bank of England has announced that it will hire experts in seven Cryptocurrency jobs. These include senior executives and Blockchain engineers. According to the Coin Telegraph, the Bank of England, although still unsure about the progress of its plans for the national cryptocurrency, is looking to hire at least...


The market value of Defi is now over $ 100 billion

Recent data from Coin Gecko show that the market value of Decentralized Finance (Defi) is about $ 128 billion. Uni Swap, China Link, AAVE and Cake Cryptocurrencies have the largest share.According to CoinDesk, the Coinbase exchange mentioned Defi as one of its business competitors in a report released before...


Dogecoin miners’ revenue has increased by 4,500% since the beginning of 2021

Recent data show that in addition to Dogecoin investors, the miners of this marginal cryptocurrency have also benefited from Dogecoin fluctuations. According to the data, the revenue of Dogecoin miners has increased by 4,500 percent since the beginning of this year. According to CoinDesk, the daily income of Dogecoin miners...

money laundering

Bitcoin transaction secret services are revealed one after another

A Swedish-Russian citizen has been accused of running a multimillion-dollar bitcoin laundering service over the years after tracking his transactions since 2011.According to the Cointelegraph, after analyzing blockchain data over a 10-year period, US authorities have arrested the mastermind of the service known as Bitcoin Fog, for allegedly hiding...

Weekly technical analysis of cryptocurrencies

Weekly technical analysis of cryptocurrencies April 27

Digital Currency Group and Coinbase were named in Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential Companies in 2021. According to Cointelegraph, Time magazine continues to heat up the cryptocurrency market by naming Digital Currency Group and Coinbase in the list of 100 most influential companies in 2021. The list of the top 100...


Bitcoin dominance in the market below 50%; What does this mean for the market?

The price of bitcoin has been fluctuating in a constant range for a short time at shorter frames. At the same time, the dominance of this cryptocurrency in the market has reached about 48%. Some analysts predict that this may lead to a repeat of the 2017 cycle and...


The Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index reached panic levels in early 2020

The cryptocurrencies' fear and greed index, which monitors market sentiment sentiment, has entered the "fear" range from "extreme greed" in a week. This is the first time since March last year that this index has entered this region. According to cryptoslate, the fear and greed index measures many factors such...