Ethereum News
As the first and largest decentralized software platform, Ethereum has played an important role in the development of blockchain-based software, which is why news about Ethereum is so important to both investors and business owners and developers.


The market value of Defi is now over $ 100 billion

Recent data from Coin Gecko show that the market value of Decentralized Finance (Defi) is about $ 128 billion. Uni Swap, China Link, AAVE and Cake Cryptocurrencies have the largest share.According to CoinDesk, the Coinbase exchange mentioned Defi as one of its business competitors in a report released before...

Bitcoin dominance

Bitcoin dominance in the market reached its lowest level in 7 months

Bitcoin dominance : Simultaneously with the decrease in the price of Bitcoin and the increase in the price of altcoins over this cryptocurrency, the dominance of bitcoin in the cryptocurrency market reached its lowest level in the last 7 months. According to the script, the price of Bitcoin is in...


The price of Ethereum reached its highest level in history

The price of Ethereum, the second largest digital asset in terms of market value, broke its previous historical record and went up to $ 2,150. Ethereum previously had a record high of $ 2,041 on February 19. At the time of writing, each unit of this cryptocurrency is trading...

Ethereum scaling

Vitalik Buterin: Ethereum to be “100x” more scalable soon

Vitalik Buterin: EthereumEthereum creator Vitalik Buterin said in a new statement that until the completion of the Ethereum 2.0 shading development, the Cryptocurrency network will use the Rollup transaction classification solution to solve the scalability problem. According to the Cointelegraph, Buterin appeared on the Time Ferriss podcast and said that...