Three ways to trade cryptocurrencies for beginners

trade cryptocurrencies for beginners : Digital assets are a type of high-risk investment, and their unplanned trading usually leads to a loss of capital. While most analysts agree that there is no such thing as a "perfect" trading strategy, we have three well-known methods that are well-suited for novice...


Technical analysis training; Confirmation of trends with trading volume – Section 6

Confirmation of trend with trading volume: As mentioned in the third part of the technical analysis training, trading volume actually shows the amount of buying and selling in the market of a digital currency for a certain period of time. The trading volume is displayed at the bottom of...

Five cryptocurrencies that traders need to monitor this week

Cryptocurrencies analysis : An uptrend in the bitcoin price preparation phase warns of a resurgence of the historical ceiling. This stimulus to climb will be able to raise the price of a group of coins with it. The fundamental view of Bitcoin was heightened by the passage of the $...


Uber CEO: We accept bitcoins if needed

Uber CEO: We accept bitcoins if needed: Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Uber, believes that if accepting bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencys is in the company's interest and the need arises, it will accept these currencies as a method of payment.