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Plan B: Bitcoin’s uptrend in 2021 is not over

PlanB, the well-known analyst and creator of the S2F model, believes that despite the 25% drop in the price of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency market will continue to rise in 2021. According to Cryptopotito, PlanB believes that the recent drop in the price of bitcoin does not mean the end of...


Traders return to Defi area; Intense growth of one-inch, Celsius and cake tokens

Market data show that declining fees and rising dividends in swimming pools have once again led investors to invest in DeFi cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, the digital currencies 1inch, Celsius and PancakeSwap were growing significantly. According to the Coin Telegraph, the price of bitcoin has been fluctuating in a steady range for...


Weekly Technical Analysis of cryptocurrencies March 30

Read the technical analysis of Bitcoin, Ethereum, BinanceCoin, Cardano, Polkadot, Ripple, Uniswap, Theta, LightCoin and Chainlink prices for today: BITCOIN The price of Bitcoin has moved above the uptrend channel and broken this resistance (breakout). If the bulls of the market stabilize the price above this dynamic resistance, the prospect of...

Five cryptocurrencies that traders need to monitor this week

Cryptocurrencies analysis : An uptrend in the bitcoin price preparation phase warns of a resurgence of the historical ceiling. This stimulus to climb will be able to raise the price of a group of coins with it. The fundamental view of Bitcoin was heightened by the passage of the $...

shark pattern

Shark pattern and trading strategy

Another widely used harmonic pattern is the shark pattern. As you know, harmonic patterns in technical analysis are invented from a combination of Fibonacci numbers and geometric shapes. As a result

bat pattern

Bat Pattern and its trading strategy

The bat pattern is one of the types of harmonic patterns in technical analysis that provides very good conditions for entering into a profitable transaction. This pattern can appear on the price chart in both ascending and descending bats.