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Technical analysis training; Indicators – Section 8

Indicators are mathematical functions that work based on some mathematical formulas and are used to analyze charts and better understand market conditions. Price history and trading volume are data used in indicators. Indicators can be used to confirm, evaluate the strength of the trend and predict the trend ahead. Indicators...


What is a Stop-Loss?

Stop-Loss ; Stopping trading in the market and leaving investment opportunities on time has always been an integral part of trading. In other words, managing and maintaining capital is your most important job as a financial market trader, because maintaining capital will always take precedence over trading profits. In...


Weekly Technical Analysis of cryptocurrencies March 30

Read the technical analysis of Bitcoin, Ethereum, BinanceCoin, Cardano, Polkadot, Ripple, Uniswap, Theta, LightCoin and Chainlink prices for today: BITCOIN The price of Bitcoin has moved above the uptrend channel and broken this resistance (breakout). If the bulls of the market stabilize the price above this dynamic resistance, the prospect of...

Five cryptocurrencies that traders need to monitor this week

Cryptocurrencies analysis : An uptrend in the bitcoin price preparation phase warns of a resurgence of the historical ceiling. This stimulus to climb will be able to raise the price of a group of coins with it. The fundamental view of Bitcoin was heightened by the passage of the $...

Chart Scale and Trading Volume

Technical analysis training; Chart Scale and Trading Volume – Part 3

Technical analysis training; Chart Scale and Trading Volume - Part 3: Price charts include the horizontal time axis and the vertical price axis. The price history shown in these charts is raw and unchanged. The scale used in line charts is linear by default. To better understand the linearity of...


Gartley harmonic pattern and how to trade based on it

gartley model has many fans among technicians. Because this template provides very accurate conditions for assessing the validity of the template,