Technical analysis training; Indicators – Section 8

Indicators are mathematical functions that work based on some mathematical formulas and are used to analyze charts and better understand market conditions. Price history and trading volume are data used in indicators. Indicators can be used to confirm, evaluate the strength of the trend and predict the trend ahead. Indicators...


What is a Stop-Loss?

Stop-Loss ; Stopping trading in the market and leaving investment opportunities on time has always been an integral part of trading. In other words, managing and maintaining capital is your most important job as a financial market trader, because maintaining capital will always take precedence over trading profits. In...


Bitcoin price technical analysis; Check support and resistance levels

Bitcoin price technical analysis; corrected yesterday after peaking at $ 64,892 and fell to $ 61,500. However, experts believe that the market signs are still bullish. The price of bitcoin is in the green range above $ 62,000, according to NewsBT. Bitcoin is currently trading at $ 63,000 per unit,...


Three ways to trade cryptocurrencies for beginners

trade cryptocurrencies for beginners : Digital assets are a type of high-risk investment, and their unplanned trading usually leads to a loss of capital. While most analysts agree that there is no such thing as a "perfect" trading strategy, we have three well-known methods that are well-suited for novice...


Comprehensive training in cryptocurrencies; 4 important points that you should pay attention to in Ethereum trading

training in cryptocurrencies : When the price of Bitcoin rose from $ 1,000 to more than $ 19,000 in 2017, Ethereum's performance during that time was far more astounding. The second highest cryptocurrency in the market started in 2017 with a price of $ 7 and reached more than...

Technical analysis training

Technical analysis training ; Patterns – Section 7

Technical analysis training Patterns : Patterns are one of the most important basic topics in learning technical analysis that arise from irregular price movements on the chart.

Golden Intersection and Death Intersection

What is the Golden Cross and Death in the Bitcoin Price Chart and How Do We Recognize It?

The intersection of Golden Cross and Death is the passage of short-term and long-term moving averages over each other in the Bitcoin price chart, which indicate a downtrend or uptrend in the long run. Recognizing the mean of short-term and long-term volatility (MAs) when used in trading systems is important...


Technical analysis training; Confirmation of trends with trading volume – Section 6

Confirmation of trend with trading volume: As mentioned in the third part of the technical analysis training, trading volume actually shows the amount of buying and selling in the market of a digital currency for a certain period of time. The trading volume is displayed at the bottom of...