shark pattern

Shark pattern and trading strategy

Another widely used harmonic pattern is the shark pattern. As you know, harmonic patterns in technical analysis are invented from a combination of Fibonacci numbers and geometric shapes. As a result

Crab harmonic pattern

Harmonic pattern of crab and deep crab

Harmonic trading is a type of technical analysis that is widely used in the Forex, futures and stock markets. Harmonic trades use certain price patterns that are created based on certain Fibonacci ratios.

CCI indicator

CCI indicator training

This indicator was first developed by Donald Lambert and is an indicator that is considered as part of the oscillators (it fluctuates in the range and its oscillation range is between -100 to +200) and the power of the oscillation acceleration in a share process to It looks good....


How to draw a trend line?

Using trend lines is one of the most widely used methods of identifying support and resistance points in the chart. But the correct way to draw the trend line is still questionable for many traders. In this article, we will go to the nature of trend lines and how...

technical analysis

What are the advantages of technical analysis over fundamental and why should we learn technical analysis?

Chartist easily enjoys any kind of market that he should study if he has a plan, even if it is with a fundamental student and suits you.


Bitcoin mining training + introduction of the best mining devices

Bitcoin mining fever is very hot these days. The emergence of the mining industry and its new form of revenue generation has made everyone eager to know how to do this activity.