The market value of Defi is now over $ 100 billion


The market value of Defi is now over $ 100 billion

Recent data from Coin Gecko show that the market value of Decentralized Finance (Defi) is about $ 128 billion. Uni Swap, China Link, AAVE and Cake Cryptocurrencies have the largest share.
According to CoinDesk, the Coinbase exchange mentioned Defi as one of its business competitors in a report released before the public offering of its shares. However, when it comes to Defi, the volume of deposited currencies is more important for profit than the market value of the area.


However, this measure shows similar results, and more than $ 100 billion in assets are currently locked in Defi platforms.
The value locked in Ethereum-based Defi platforms is estimated at $ 66 billion, which has quadrupled since the beginning of this year. At the beginning of 2021, this was only $ 15 billion.
On the other hand, Defistation data show that the Binance smart chain is reaching Ethereum with $ 38 billion in locked assets. Pancake swap has a big share in this smart chain.
The chart below shows the investments made in Defi Ethereum in the past year and a half. In this chart, this amount is compared with the inflows to the initial supply of coins in the years 2017 to 2018.


The 2020 leap in Defi constituency earned it the nickname “Defi Summer.” This shows that the market is much bigger now.
In February 2020, Defi Locked Value exceeded $ 1 billion for the first time. Then, in September of that year, Defi’s locked value on Ethereum reached more than $ 10 billion. Earlier this month, $ 10 billion in capital was locked in the compound platform alone.
OneConfirmation’s Richard Chen released a chart stating that at least 2 million wallets had interacted with Defi protocols. It can be concluded that this number belongs to about 1 million people. However, the exact estimate of this number is not so simple; But it should not be forgotten that many users enter the Defi domain through third-party platforms.

The market value of Defi is now over $ 100 billion

According to many, lending and receiving loans are among the economic topics that everyone is familiar with. In a recent report, ConsenSys published a chart pointing to the buzz around the Ethereum lending market.


The market value of Defi is now over $ 100 billion

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