Will Tesla pay its rents with Bitcoin?


Will Tesla pay its rents with Bitcoin?

Once Bitcoin has been accepted as a payment method, the real estate company that uses Elon Musk services also recognizes Bitcoin payments; The main question is whether Elon Musk and his company pay their rents with Bitcoin.

Now that Tesla has become one of the leading companies in the field of bitcoin and payments with this cryptocurrency, it is possible that it will pay the rent of its buildings with bitcoin as well.

It is worth noting that neither Tesla nor Elon Musk himself has confirmed this rumor. The news came after Caruso Properties signed a partnership agreement with Winklevoss Brothers Gemini Exchange on Wednesday.

Under the agreement, Caruso recognizes the payment of its property rents in Bitcoin. According to the Los Angeles Times, Caruso is set to convert 1% of its coffers into bitcoin.

Caruso, on the other hand, owns property owned by Tesla in California. It remains to be seen whether Elon Musk, the most famous pro-Bitcoin billionaire, will pay his rents with Bitcoin. Tesla has previously announced that it has invested $ 1.5 billion in bitcoin. The company has also made it possible for buyers to buy their cars with Bitcoin.

Rick Caruso, owner of Caruso, said in a statement that there had been no rush to pay the rent with Bitcoin before. He went on to point out that his company’s investment [in Bitcoin] has been profitable so far, adding:

I think [Bitcoin] is a good place to invest and it has proven so far that it is a good investment for us.

It seems that Caruso intends to open the doors of his real estate to prospective bitcoin buyers. Comparing bitcoins and credit cards over the past 50 years, he said:

I believe that Bitcoin and Blockchain will be like credit cards in the future. We want to be forward-looking.

Fifty years ago, credit cards were considered an unreliable technology, but today life is impossible without them.

After signing a contract with Caruso, Tyler Winklevoss said he was “excited” about the expansion of bitcoin in the real estate industry. According to Winclaus, the deal will benefit both Caruso and his clients. He said about this:

We are excited about our partnership with Caruso; Because by accepting Cryptocurrencies, Caruso can take real estate to new heights. This contract is beneficial for Caruso’s customers and business.

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