Elon Musk tweeted again about Dogecoin; Dogecoin 30% price increase


Elon Musk tweeted again about Dogecoin; Dogecoin 30% price increase

The price of this digital currency jumped 30% after Elon Musk tweeted another Dogecoin. In his tweet, Musk praised Dogecoin, the famous American rapper Snoop Dogg.

According to YouToday, Snoop Dogg released a photoshopped video of his seventh studio album. The highlight of this image was the replacement of Snoop Dogg with a dog seen in the Dogecoin logo.

Gene Simmons, the famous singer of the Kiss group, was among those who reacted to Dogecoin. He showed himself, Elon Musk and Snoop Dogg raising Dogecoin by releasing a picture from The Lion King animation. Mask himself republished the image shortly after.

Photo posted on Twitter by Elon Mask
Photo posted on Twitter by Elon Mask

Earlier this week, Mask tweeted about Dogecoin, calling it “the people’s digital currency.” The tweet eventually pushed the Dogecoin up 50 percent.

Dogecoin prices have risen about 200 percent since last week. On January 29, Dogecoin hit a record high of $ 0.087. Dogecoin currently trades in the $ 0.05 range.

It is unrealistic for Elon Musk to promote Dogecoin as the richest man in the world; Because Dogecoin is a comic digital currency or Memecoin.

“It’s a mask,” he says.

Simplicity [Dogecoin] is its genius.

In another comment, he called Dogecoin “the funniest digital currency” and said that being a joke is its biggest feature. According to him, if a meme coin becomes a real currency, the result will be the “most ironic” event possible. He wrote about this:

What is the most ironic result? That is, a currency that was made as a joke becomes a real currency.

Musk previously conducted a poll on Twitter, asking his followers to predict what the future currency of the earth will be. About 72 percent voted for Dogecoin and 28 percent voted for other digital currencies.

In recent weeks, Musk has added bitcoins to his Twitter account. He removed bitcoin from his Twitter account a few days ago.

Elon Musk tweeted again about Dogecoin; Dogecoin 30% price increase


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