The number of active Cardano accounts exceeded 500,000


The number of active Cardano accounts exceeded 500,000

The number of unique addresses in the Cardano network has exceeded half a million, while the network is on the verge of launching a hard fork.

According to CryptoSlate, the Cardano blockchain now hosts more than half a million unique wallets, which are growing by the hour. Part of the dramatic increase in new addresses on the network is due to the Daedalus media update, which provides support for the ability to create tokens without the need for smart contracts, such as those in Atrium.

The number of active Cardano accounts exceeded 500,000

Simultaneously with the countdown to the Mary Fork Hard Drive, which will take place in the next few hours, the Cardano network has reached two major milestones that are set to lead the industry to the top of the industry.

The IOHK, the company behind Cardano, announced today that it has launched the first version of the Daedalus wallet with the ability to support multiple digital assets. According to the company, Daedalus v. 4.0.0-RC1 was released on March 1 in Cardano General Test.

The company is set to release the Daedalus Flight wallet today at the same time as the Hard Fork Marie Integration Mechanism (HFC) event. The IOHK stated that the wallet will be fully released after the final test of the user experience in the Flight community and minor last minute changes.

The number of active Cardano accounts exceeded 500,000

Daedalus is Cardano’s most popular wallet, and its current version allows developers and operators of stock pools to test their sending and receiving tokens with Cardano tokens. When the wallet is fully released, it will have a completely new user interface.

With the announcement of the new version of Daedalus by the IOHK, the Cardano network reached another milestone. Although it is difficult to pinpoint one factor only for the massive growth of users of this blockchain, the forthcoming Hard Fork Marie, along with the increase in network performance, can be attributed to this.

The latest AdaStat data show that there are currently a total of 506,538 unique wallet addresses on the Cardano network. The presence of 294,682 agents means that more than 58% of the total addresses in the Cardano blockchain have invested their assets to support the network. Further data from AdaPools and AdaStat show that the average amount of ADA tokens per representative wallet has been steadily declining this year. This strengthens Cardano’s decentralization and the distribution of power among a large number of network participants.

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